Correct Bicycle Seat Height

What is the correct height for your bike seat? You should get almost full extension of your legs at the bottom of the pedaling stroke. Although you normally center the ball of your foot over the axis of the pedal while riding, you can test for proper seat height by leaning against a wall, placing your heels on the pedals, and pedaling slowly backward. Your legs should be just fully extended when your heels are on the pedals.

If it has been a long while since you have ridden and you are somewhat concerned, it is quite OK to set the seat as low as it will go until you are confident again.


Encountering a Dog While Riding Your Bike

1. Slow down or stop. There’s no fun for the dog in chasing something that isn’t moving.

2. In a deep voice, firmly order the dog to “go home.” They often will, but in any case, you’re making it clear who’s in charge and that you do not approve of their current behavior.

3. Get off the bike and place it between you and the dog. It’s a fence to protect you, and if necessary, you can press it against the dog in self-defense.

4. Yell for help. The owner will most likely take control as soon as your plight is discovered.

5. If you encounter the same dog frequently, contact your local animal control agency. In most neighborhoods, it’s illegal to let dogs run loose and bother people.


Flock of Ducks

In the way that you call groups of geese a ‘gaggle’ and a group of lions is a ‘pride’ you can call a group of ducks a ‘flock,’ ‘raft,’ ‘team,’ ‘padding,’ ‘badding’, or ‘brace.’

A flock of ducks that lived on the roof of a hotel in Memphis, Tennessee, used to take the elevator to the ground floor when they wished to go anywhere.