Donald Trump’s History

Donald Trump, who has been married three times, had four brothers and sisters. One brother is a U. S. Federal judge. Another brother died of alcoholism. Donald is of Scotish and German descent. His father claimed for a long time that he was Swedish, not German, because he had many Jewish tenants.

Donald has a current estimated net worth of around 4.5 billion dollars. He is not one of the billionaires who started with nothing. When he graduated from college, he had a position in his father’s real estate company and a net worth of around $200,000 which would be equivalent to over a million dollars in today’s money. He initally built beyond that small fortune by focusing on middle-income rental properties.

During his high school years, Donald Trump attended a military academy.

As of March 2016, Donald Trump is 836 months old.

About Donald, his father said, “Everything he seems to touch turns to gold.”

Donald was very taken with Princess Diana. He sent her insane quantities of flowers, and tried to get her to buy an apartment in Trump Tower, where he lives, but she wasn’t buying it.

Do you know his middle name? Scroll down to find out.



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