Unrecoverable Money

A salaried part-time hairdresser who we’ll call Joanie went online to set her $1,000 monthly paychecks to go via direct deposit to her joint checking account. Only she got one digit wrong in the account number, and easy mistake to make. Her husband also deposited his paycheck into the checking account, and there was always just enough money. Joanie and her husband just assumed they were spending more than they should. This went on for three years, totaling $36,000 before Joanie decided to see why they weren’t spending very much, yet they weren’t saving anything. When she discovered the mistake, she contacted the banks involved. All they could do for her was refund the last month’s deposit, $1,000. Due to the legal need to protect customers’ privacy, the bank won’t tell Joanie who got the money. The bank contacted the recipient, but the recipient says the money has been spent, and refuses to give it back. Joanie will never recover her lost $35,000.

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