What You Can Do With Cliptext

Use cliptext verbatim to liven up your reports, articles, books, or posts. Modify it as you wish, or, browse cliptext as food for thought.

You’ll find cliptext especially useful in social media posting. As you may know, when you post on a regular basis in social venues such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest or Twitter, with each post carrying a link to your website, you will bring more visitors. You’ll also be creating backlinks which raise your results in search engines.

If you can make a post that is useful, interesting or positively eccentric, it can go viral where people click their ‘like’ buttons, email their friends and so on. If you get it right, you can have millions of targeted visitors overnight. Since this is difficult to attain, you increase your changes greatly by posting frequently. You can’t spam social media. If people get tired of your posts, they simply won’t ‘friend’ or follow you. Instead, make use of keywords and hashtags so new people will discover your posts.

You may want to use the images and/or text as memes for social media posting. You can use the FreeWritersTools meme generator.


You are free to use the free cliptext at FreeWritersTools.com. You can use it verbatim in your own writing, or as food for thought. If you copy the text verbatim or with slight modification, you can use up to ten items in each report, article, post or book you create.

The images you see with the clip text are marked as public domain from Wikimedia Commons, Pexels, Unsplash, and other trusted sources. However, it is possible for someone to post an image claiming it is public domain when it is not.